Questions That Need To Be Asked To Real Estate Attorneys before Hiring Them

Real estate is a tricky area where you have to be very careful whether you are buying and selling. Obviously, it is the real estate agent who helps you to buy or sell your houses. But in some matters where the whole thing is tricky or somehow entangled in legal problems, it is better to consult a real estate attorney than just an agent. An agent does not have the legal expertise needed to help you out in such cases. However, you should be careful as to which attorney you hire for your real estate needs and hence to be sure you should ask your attorney certain questions before hiring them.

  • The expertise – This is one of the most important question, which you should ask your attorney. Ask him about how many years he has been practicing. The more experienced an attorney is, the more is your chances of getting someone who knows what he is dealing with. However, there are also some downsides to the issue. The higher the years of expertise the more will be the fees. If your case is not that complicated then you would do well to hire someone with a couple years of experience.
  • Ask his success rate- Ask the lawyer how many cases he handled in the real estate department and how many were successful for him. A more successful lawyer will have a better idea as to how to deal with the problems that will come up in the course of the case. Also keep in mind that you should choose the lawyer with higher success rates if your case is complicated.
  • Ask him if he had fought similar cases- If your lawyer has fought similar cases like yours, chances are that he can come up with brilliant ideas to resolve your case in the least possible time.
  • Ask him his course of action- Ask your lawyer what course of action he plans on taking on your particular case. If your lawyer gives you vague answers in this regard then chances are that he himself has no idea what course of action has to be taken. An experienced lawyer will always give you clear answers as to what should be done.
  • Question him whether he will be able to give you time- What happens most of the time is that an experienced client has a long list of clients. So he is seldom able to give time to all his clients. He is always super busy with his prior commitments. This might not be favorable for you as it will hinder the chances of you receiving individual attention, which might be required for your case.
  • Ask him his fees – This is the final and the most integral part of your dealing with the real estate attorney. Always clarify his fees from the beginning otherwise, you may end up paying more than you had anticipated. A normal drafting may require just a flat fee whereas going to court proceeding might charge you some hundreds of dollars per hour.